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2. International Joint Science Congress of Materials & Polymers

2. International Joint Science Congress of Materials & Polymers

Dear Participants,

Remarkable advances have been achieved in the science of materials and polymer over the last fifty years. A high quality of life away from environmental destruction has been set as a goal for a high level of human welfare and a sustainable future. As a result, more novel and functional materials have been introduced into everyday life. It is expected by not only sectoral and academic stakeholders but also end users that this process will last longer, producing more beneficial results.

Therefore, it is the primary aim of this scholarly gathering to transform research- and innovation-focused scientists, financial success promoting production, and social responsibility-oriented industry into strong stakeholders. To this end, an academic event will be jointly organized by the Chemists Society (Turkey), The Ohio State University (USA), Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Turkey), Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry-Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Tunisian Chemical Society (Tunisia), University Polytechnic of Tirana (Albania), University “Mother Teresa” – Skopje (Macedonia), Society of Chemists and Technologits of Macedonia, International Balkan University (Macedonia) and Tetova University (Macedonia) of four different countries with sectoral supports.

It is believed that the assembly of participants from different countries will allow them to share their knowledge, to exchange views, and to form various partnerships. Along with the scientific activities, a comprehensive social activities calendar was produced by the organizing committee to allow for fruitful interactions.

Although it is, broadly speaking, a scientific congress, it is different from other congresses in terms of such aspects as follows;

(i) A collaboration protocol will be signed between the partners of the ICSMP following the completion of the Congress. Each partner will deliver a presentation on their strengths and interest in field of collaboration. Then, the partners will sign bilateral and multilateral agreements. (ii) Participants with posters will be allowed to deliver a four-minute presentation if they wish to and will be awarded a certificate of short oral presentation.

We would be more than happy to see you with us.


Prof. Melvin PASCALL             

Assoc. Prof. Ayhan ORAL

Chairpersons of ISCMP Organising Committee

13 Nisan 2018
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